By Henrita Frost, SSND

Our Christine Center Chapel, Mary of the Angels, holds many memories of preparing for the Solemn Blessing of its Altar on September 5, 2010.  Recently as I was meditating in the Chapel, I remembered how our staff was preparing the Chapel for the blessing.  Laurie Bieze, stained glass artist, who created the Chapel windows was present.

As she was installing the stained glass doors, I heard a voice saying: “we like them the other way.”  Without hesitation Laurie honored the suggestion and turned the door windows upside down.

Whether they are upside down or not is a mystery.  Perhaps they were meant to be that way.  Now the cross image stares at us from the top and the column of diamonds from the lower part.

Our uncertain times have brought the cross of suffering to the center of our lives and to our Common Home.  Might the Diamonds bring to us hope that the resurrection is somewhere on the horizon and that we are messengers of it?

The thought comes, what are we to do for each other in these times of distress, remembering that we are one and need each other?

In his recent Ted Talk, Pope Francis shared a message about a revolution of tenderness.  Immediately, his message resonated for me with a revolution of compassion.

Pope Francis spoke of tenderness meaning “to use our hands and our hearts to comfort the other, to take care of those in need.” His words filled me with tender compassion for our shared journey with the cross and the hope of the resurrection – possible even when we feel the world is upside down.