by Henrita Frost, SSNDfgsdg.jpg

Once again a stained glass window in our Mary of the Angels Chapel calls me to deep reflection.  The Center of this yellow window reminds me of signaling for help using flags.  It brings me a memory from World War II, an image on a submarine of a sailor signaling for help.  The center of the yellow window portrays that the signal continues to be sent until there is a response.   The response is symbolized by what I like to think is a heart-filled circle and then the flag signals back, help is coming.  Perhaps as a child I created this event, but it has stayed with me.

As this memory stayed with me, todays ceaseless, persistent and never ending signals for assistance  prod at my heart.  What signal can I wave back? What am I to do I continue to ask myself?  My feeling is that the signals will never stop, until an enormous global boundless heart, beating with love and compassion, manifests for all beings, with no exclusions.

The recent catastrophic events give us assurance that a boundless heart is possible, ready and waiting.  As I pause and look at the Center of the yellow window I feel the signals of rain, winds and quaking earth met a response from the heart in-between the two flags.

Side by side nature’s catastrophic events, have been human nature’s catastrophic events of violence in thoughts, words and actions.  The atmosphere seems never free of this violence flying like baseballs being pitched back and forth at each other.  We don’t have time to waste pitching these thoughts and words back and forth.  Thoughts and words of violence seem to be escalating.  I have fear in my heart that they will explode into violent acts, knowing that some have already become acts of violence.  It is not words or threats of destruction, but compassionate hearts that must soar in our Universe.  For this let us pray and become sowers of compassion.

The shocking news of  the shooting massacre of our sisters and brothers in Las Vegas has just been announced.   My being is almost paralyzed by this act.  It is not only to the families of those who died that I offer profound sympathy, but also to our nation that seems to be a home for an increased  number of acts of violence.  For all those injured, we pray for their full recovery.

As I close these reflections, I want to embrace the global community with love and compassion. On September 21st, we celebrated the International Day of Peace which was established by the United Nations.  May this year’s theme become each of our theme songs: Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.  The theme has a particular focus on refugees and migrants.  May this theme be held deeply in our hearts  bringing comfort to our Universe.

May Peace Prevail on Earth