Peace-journey of hope photo

“Peace A Journey of Hope. . .”

Pope Francis

Close to the dawning of the New Year, I completed the Mandala pictured above.  A flock of Doves, each equipped with an olive branch, inviting us, leading us on a Journey of Peace – Peace satiating the World Community.  Are we ready for the journey, for its challenges?

The Year 2020 dawned with joy and excitement.  Yet, it seemed overshadowed with threats of insecurity, uncertainty and rumblings of warlike behavior.  Nevertheless, let’s remember the World Community is our responsibility.  What is our Hope for 2020?  Of course Peace, that Peace may come.  Too optimistic to think it will?  Yes, but let’s be optimistic and live a Journey of Peace.

Although we are not Doves, but human beings with the desire and hope for Peace deep within our hearts, let’s be dove-like and join them.  Let’s make our daily journey one of peacemaking.  Doves are not only symbols of peace, love and compassion, but also messengers.  Our message needs to be loud and clear.  I’ll use the familiar words of the Peace Pole, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”  Take time to choose the message with which you will frequently support the World Community.

In his message, “Peace A Journey of Hope,” for the 53rd World Day of Peace, Pope Francis, wrote profoundly about Peace.  One of his statements that rests in my heart is, “Day by day, the Holy Spirit prompts in us ways of thinking and speaking that can make us artisans of justice and peace”.  My desire is to be an artisan of justice and peace.  I continue to pray and live that Peace may come, as I journey with you and my Dove Community.  My hope is to be an artisan of justice and peace.  Let’s do it together!

January 16, 2020