By Henrita Frost, SSND

Since the beginning of the tropical storm Harvey, the intrinsic goodness of the human heart has exploded and its compassion is emanating.  The innate goodness of the heart is embracing all of creation.  It is not discriminating between human beings of all colors, abilities, status – we are equal and inclusive of all of creation.  Perhaps you saw the animals, including a delightful pet pig, being rescued.  The message is, all are welcome and worthy of presence in our Universe!  We are one!  The human heart knows its mission of love and compassion for all.

Ever present in my heart are the 53 persons who have died as a result of the storm with the likelihood there will be more deaths.  Touching among these deaths are the helpers who wouldn’t give up even when family members were urging them to stop for a while – they couldn’t, for they knew their call to love and compassion. Now together they are all experiencing a new life.

It is touching and inspiring to witness the innate goodness of the human heart’s response to Hurricane Harvey, but then there is an interruption as we hear of the presence of some armed robbers and looters.  However, the massive outpouring of love and compassionate acts certainly outweighs the paucity of their inner goodness.

The call of today’s world is for boundless love in accompanying the journey of more than 30,000 people toward rebuilding their lives, a mysterious journey.  How will it happen, when will it happen, how long will it take, how can we do it?  Can we help by sending loving kindness to them?

Let’s take an imaginary walk now, with each of us accompanied by the gift of our intrinsic goodness, and with the intention to drop particles of it wherever our feet take us.  Leaving Hurricane Harvey, let’s walk through our nation stopping at Washington, DC leaving behind prayers that our government leaders will be inspired to function out of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.   Finally, pause and end this journey at the site of the threat of Hydrogen bombing in North Korea, leaving behind particles of intrinsic goodness and love, hoping it will be absorbed, and that tensions will be eased.

Finally, I end offering a Haiku in response to a question: If I asked our loving hearts to speak, what would they say?

My desire for our hearts

To be boundless, giving all

So all may enter