Hermitages and Lodging

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Christine Center Housing Information Guide

There are 19 unique, hand-crafted hermitages located on the 251-acre wooded sanctuary of The Christine Center, along with two camping areas and a camper parking lot. Additionally, the Main Building has seven guest rooms.

Hermitages are cabins, ideal for those seeking the peace and solitude of Nature. Looking for deer, bird-watching, hiking the forest trails, meditating, walking the Canticle Circle, and sharing the fire pit are some favorite past-times for cabin-dwellers.

Most hermitages are simple one-room buildings with a self-contained living space for one through four people (depending on the individual structure). Others are larger, multi-room guest houses. Most have single beds (although 2 have a double bed and 1 has a queen-sized bed). Bed sheets, blankets, and linens as well as towels and washcloths are provided in each cabin.

Christine Center Sisters Administration and Staff

The Christine Center sisters, administrators, and staff have lived in hermitages over the years. Sr. Virginia Barta, the Center’s foundress, had a special affinity for the angels of the Essenes or early Christians. She and the other sisters chose names for the various lodgings‒ honoring angels, archangels, saints, inspired poets, and spiritual principles.

Hermitage Unique History

All hermitages have unique histories. Some were built free-of-charge by a retired carpenter and by friends of Sr. Virginia. Others were purchased from neighbors. While two pyramid style hermitages were donated by a chiropractor interested in how architectural designs engender energy, another was built by devoted friends of the Center as a sign of their commitment. Most have been updated.

Modern Hermitages

Ten are “modern hermitages” with gas or electric heat; kitchenette with microwave, stove, mini-fridge, and coffee maker; and bathroom with shower facilities. Coffee, creamer, tea, and sugar are furnished, as are dishes and utensils. Six modern hermitages are open-space cabins while 4 are guest houses or separate, multi-room structures with private bedrooms. All but one have air conditioning.

Rustic Hermitages

Nine are “rustic hermitages,” sparser cabins typically with gas or electric heat (but no running water, kitchenette, or indoor bathroom). Most have supplemental space heaters. All are located within 400 feet of a bathroom. Guests ‒ as well as campers ‒ have access to a modern bathroom and laundry facility at Siloe (pronounced: sill-o-way) at the south end of the property, which has separate women’s and men’s sections.

Guests staying in any of the 10 modern cabins and in 2 of the rustic hermitages with kitchen facilities are able to prepare their own meals. However, meals are an additional cost for those attending a program in the Main Building or for those staying on a weekend or some other time when such meals are available.

Guest Rooms

Additionally, 7 guest rooms are located in the Guest Wing of the Main Building.

All modern hermitage guest houses and all Main Building guest rooms have single beds. These guest facilities accommodate those uncomfortable with staying in one-room hermitages, wish to share larger lodgings with others, want to be closer to facilities in the Main Building, or have special needs.

Wi-Fi Available

Wi-Fi is available in the guest rooms, library, and small meeting rooms of the Main Building as well as in 2 hermitages (see descriptions of Peace and Mary’s Villa below). Fiber optic cable has recently been laid to eventually expand access.

Main Building Guest Rooms

Our 7 modern guest rooms in the Guest Wing of the Main Building have 2 single beds in an open space with recliner, writing desk, and private bathroom. Floors have radiant heating and pine ceilings with skylight that add warmth and spaciousness. Each has an indoor and outdoor entrance.

One guest room is handicap-accessible.

Wi-Fi is available. Tea and coffee are offered in the main dining room.

Number of Beds: 2 in each room
Sleeps: 1-2 people per room
Bathroom: Full

Rustic Hermitages

The 9 rustic hermitages are named after angels and saints. Lacking running water, they have electric or gas heat. Several have separate space heaters.

They each sleep 1 or 2 people. Two have kitchen appliances. Access to toilet and shower facilities is provided at key places around the property.

Holy Angels

A wood-paneled open area with 2 single beds, dresser, desk, recliner, and a cozy screened-in porch.

(Angel of) Earth

A pleasant cocoon-like setting with 1 single bed, recliner, desk, electric heater, wood stove, and ceiling fan. Has a screened-in porch.

(Angel of) Wisdom

Warm wood-paneling and wall-hanging in an open area with a double bed, 2 easy chairs, a microwave, and small refrigerator (with tea packets and sugar furnished along with dishes and utensils), and a screened-in porch.

(Angel of) Joy

Dog-friendly unit with a gas fireplace, a ceiling fan, 2 single beds in an open area, and 2 easy chairs and a desk (When a dog is accommodated, an additional fee is required).

St. Francis

The smallest, most intimate space in the woods, named in honor of the Franciscan heritage of the Center. Wood stove, 1 single bed, 1 easy chair, and dresser.


Pull-out couch, 1 single bed, nightstand, desk, and wood stove; Meaning “little portion of land” in Italian, the name evokes the cradle of the Franciscan order, where Francis had a mystical vision of Jesus in a wayside chapel a few miles from Assisi. Located adjacent to Mary’s Villa.

(Angel of) Freedom

Airy open area with 2 single beds, rocker and recliner, desk with lamp, screened-in porch, and electric heat. Microwave and small refrigerator (with tea packets and sugar furnished along with dishes and utensils). Near Siloe, a full bathroom and laundry facility.


1 single bed, dresser, and chair. Part of Siloe, a full bathroom and laundry facility.


1 single bed, desk, easy chair, and a toilet and sink. Part of Siloe, a full bathroom and laundry facility.

Christine Center Cancellation Policy

Securing Your Reservation

We welcome your reservation at the Christine Center. Payment in full is required when making your reservation.

Should a check be utilized, payment must be received at the Center within 10 days or your reservation will be cancelled as a courtesy to other participants.

Program Cancellation

Should your program be cancelled by the Center you will be notified immediately by email or phone.

You may choose to request a full refund or Center credit for a future stay.

Program Cancellation by Participant

If you are registered for a Center Event and need to cancel your reservation:

  • 30 days or greater prior to the Event- You may request a full refund or Center credit for a future stay.
  • 29-6 days prior to the Event-You will be issued a Center credit for your future use.
  • 5 days or less-A $50 cancellation fee will be kept with the remainder of your payment being transferred to a Center credit for your future use.