Becoming Compassion-New

Part 1, Step 6

Several times I have read and reflected on the Sixth Step, ACTION, of the TWELVE STEPS TO A COMPASSIONATE LIFE by Karen Armstrong.  Recently, I turned on the television and my world was shaken as I, once again, read the head- line, Thousands march across America for Black Lives!  Daily, I have read these and similar words about Black Lives, not only in the United States, but also in the Global Community.  However, this moment was different because I was concentrating on my call and obligation to ACTION.

Many years ago when I lived out East, I was involved in a march on the White House.  When we arrived we were given a place across from the White House.  We were soon informed that if we crossed a certain line we would be arrested.  I was afraid.  I still regret today that I didn’t cross the line.

I think of that moment of non-ACTION as a lost opportunity to pursue the cause of justice.  By my life-long efforts to pursue justice for all, I pray that I have paid a debt to all those I failed to assist in my lifetime.

In this new time, the word ACTION inspires me.  What lines to assist others, am I called to cross today?  Now that I am in my older adulthood and have less speed, I can’t excuse myself from taking ACTIONS.

My goal for my actions has always been Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.  This includes a focus of working for nonviolence and racial justice.  From a contemplative stance, the challenge each day is to become educated in the new understandings of today’s reality, offering me an opportunity to participate in the coming of a future full of peace.

“We Cannot Tolerate or turn a Blind Eye

to Racism or Exclusion of any Form.”

Pope Francis


Henrita Frost, SSND