Still the voice of hate
Stir the voice of compassion
Then all shall be well

Summoning compassion, wondering where it is, yet knowing it is always here, there, everywhere waiting to be ignited.  Deep within I know that I need to hold the torch of compassion.  It’s easy to wonder if I have the power.  Daily I hear words of hate coming from many directions and I question if my voice of compassion can penetrate and quell hatred.  However, I have hope that I can help.  But the potency of it is best in collaboration with others.  Our times may be inspiring us to move from I to We!  We can be companions on the journey that help transform hate to love and compassion.  The Charter for Compassion offers us numerous opportunities for this endeavor.

Yet I don’t know how much time I have or the world has; it is a mystery.  All I know is that there is a beginning moment, the now moment.  I am moving from the now moment to be present to the world in its fleeting moments.  I was overwhelmed after researching the meaning of hate.  I came to the conclusion that its meaning and feeling is for the person and/or persons who experience it.  We cannot define it for another, but can grow in awareness of our moments of feeling hate arising.  Do we remember any such moments?  The challenge is to move our attention to sowing seeds of love and compassion.

As I was thinking about moving this reflection along, my inspiration was to begin identifying some of the chaos that is ever present.  Then I recalled that we constantly hear it in many ways, particularly in the news of the world.  We are called to be persons who transform the World Community to a Global Community of Peace!

An image has come to me of the Lotus Flower.  It grows in murky, muddy water and becomes a beautiful blooming flower.  We can’t imagine the depth of the muddy water that we are in, but we know that together we can and will emerge.  Mystery is ever present, but together we can enable the mystery to unfold in a positive way.  It is our legacy to help it happen.

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On November 12, 2019 the Charter will celebrate its tenth anniversary.
Join us, the World needs your love, compassion and wisdom.